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Message from the President

Greetings from Haranah Tours Corporation!


Ever since the creation of the company in 1999, our heart has been in learning through travel.

As the saying goes, the best teacher is experience. And what better way to experience life than to leave our comfort zones and experience different cultures?

We pride ourselves in being an industry leader in Educational Tourism, catering to prominent schools and universities in the country for their local and international travel needs.

We work closely with key persons in developing tour packages custom-fit for their requirements and each tour is treated as a project that is only considered successful if we have imparted knowledge through travelling. As a result, more than tens of thousands of students have gained unforgettable memories and valuable lessons fundamental in their growth as a person and the advancement of their career.    

Our relationships with clients are built on trust and we ensure that customer service is available every step of the way. In addition, clients no longer need to worry about finding a transportation provider as we own our fleet of buses.

I can say with confidence that you can rely on our authority and expertise when it comes to Educational Tourism.

Be one of our partners and experience the joy of learning through travel.


Mr. Jaime Tan


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